Thank you so much for the request @srikala12001! Please excuse my lame attempt for drawings, but I hope you all can easily understand the diagrams I created. 😁
  1. What You Will Need:
    Concealer, Orange Eyeshadow, 4 different colors ranging from light to dark (it can be any variation; maroons, browns, greys, etc. as long as the colors are within the same shade family), champagne-colored eyeshadow, black eyeshadow, fluffy blending brush, flat eyeshadow brush, pencil brush
  2. Suggestions: Urban Decay Naked 1 (Brown/Hazel eyes), Naked 2 (Blue eyes), Naked 3 (Green Eyes)
    Using an eyeshadow palette is perfect for smokey eyes because this look utilizes a lot of colors. The Naked line is a good tool to refer to in terms of eye colors; warm tones compliment brown eyes, cool tones for blue eyes, and rose-gold tones for green eyes. Plus, they have their Smokey Palette. This is all upon your preference though, as well.
  3. 1. Prime your eyes with a concealer or an eye primer that has a skin tone base to it.
    Since this is a dramatic look, it is important to make the lid space one even color before starting with shadows. Primers are crucial because it not only acts as a glue for the shadows to stick to but it also amplifies the color, so the payoff is true to the color you see in the pan.
  4. Suggestions: MAC Pro LongWear Paint Pot, Urban Decay Primer Potion Eden
  5. 2. Set the concealer with a light layer of either a translucent powder or an eyeshadow similar to your skin tone.
    This will make it easier for the shadows to blend seamlessly.
  6. Suggestions: Makeup Forever HD Microfinishing Powder, Urban Decay Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder
  7. 3. Next, use an orange shadow as your initial transition shade.
    I'm completely serious. Like an actual orange tone. This will pull the whole look together and will create a nice blurred effect. Using the blending brush, create a swirl motion into the crease, as pictured, from the outer corner to the inner corner. Afterwards, swipe back and forth in opposite directions. Repeat these two motions until the shadow is fully blended, leaving no harsh lines.
  8. Suggestions: Morphe ES14 Spice, Makeup Geek Chickadee
  9. 4. Go in with a second transition color (your 2nd lightest shade out of the 4 colors) over top the orange to create dimension.
    You can be messy with these initial steps. It just needs to appear to be blown out to create a soft diffused look.
  10. Suggestions: Naked from Naked 1 Palette, Tease from Naked 2 Palette, Limit from Naked 3 Palette
  11. 5. With the 2nd darkest shade, use the flat eyeshadow brush to pack the color on the entire mobile lid.
    The mobile lid is the eyelid space underneath the socket line.
  12. Suggestions: Smog from Naked 1, YDK from Naked 2, Liar from Naked 3
  13. 6. Using your concealer again, pat it onto the inner 1/3 of the mobile lid.
    This will make your lightest color pop.
  14. 7. Pack on the lightest shade on that concealer area using a clean eyeshadow brush.
    Work your way from the tear duct to the middle of your eye, gently blending the lightest and the 3rd lightest shade together to create a gradient.
  15. Suggestions: Virgin from Naked 1, Bootycall from Naked 2, Dust from Naked 3
  16. 8. With your darkest shade, use your flat eyeshadow brush to carve out a V-shape.
    Be patient since this will require a lot of layering and blending. I recommend using a matte shadow for this since matte dark colors draw back features instead of making them more pronounced.
  17. Suggestions: Naked Basics and Naked Basics 2
    These palettes are all matte shadows.
  18. Note: For those who have monolids or hooded eyes, bring the darkest color up above your crease to create the illusion of a larger crease area.
    This will help open up the eyes more. Bring that shade towards your nose, almost like a slight cut-crease. This creates the look of deeper-set eyes.
  19. 9. On the bottom lash line, use a black eyeshadow and a thin pencil brush to line the lashes.
  20. Suggestions: Creep from Naked 1, Blackout from Naked 2, Blackheart from Naked 3
  21. 10. Use any of the darker shades to buff the black shadow out.
    It's important to balance out the eyes by applying shadow on the bottom lash line for a smoldering look.
  22. Suggestions: Smog from Naked 1, YDK from Naked 2, Liar from Naked 3
  23. 11. Create tick marks using a liquid liner pen to imitate the look of lashes on the bottom lash line.
    This is will make the lash line to appear fuller.
  24. Suggestions: Kat Von-D Tattoo Liner Pen, Lorac Front of the Line Pro Liner Pen
  25. 12. Apply mascara to both the top and bottom lashes.
    The picture makes it look like the eyeliner marks are very prominent, but in actuality, it comes out much more subtle once it's buffed out.
  26. 13. With such a dramatic look, the shadows look best paired with winged liner and false eyelashes.
  27. 14. Using a small pencil brush and the champagne eyeshadow, place it on the inner tear duct and under the arch of the brow.
    This will bring the face forward and help the eyes become the focus of the look.
  28. Suggestions: Bareminerals Soul, Stila Kitten
  29. *It is very important to use the blending method after each eyeshadow step.
    It takes more time but the results will be drastically different.