Beauty tips posted every Sunday
  1. Method 1: Cream Pot Eyeliner
    Using a flat-tipped brush, trace a thin line from the outer corner of your eye to about 2 cm out, following the natural slope of your bottom lash line. Keep your eyes open so you can see exactly where the wing will fall and fix, if need be. From the top point of the wing, gently pull your closed eye taut (not too tightly since that'll cause wrinkles) and start to carve out the top line to connect to your inner corner/tear duct in one swift movement. Fill in the negative space between the lines.
  2. Suggestions: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Liner, MAC Blacktrack Fluidline, Morphe B75 Flat Liner Brush
    I usually recommend flat-tipped brushes rather than point-tipped brushes for better control.
  3. Method 2: Liquid liner
    My preferred type is the liquid pen vs. the liquid brush for this technique. Again, make a thin line from the outer corner to emulate your desired wing length. Next, using the side of the pen, press the pen parallel to the lash line to create a dashed/dotted line. From there, connect the dots! This is a great tip for those who have an unsteady hand.
  4. Suggestions: Lorac Front of the Line Pro Liner, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner
  5. Method 3: Eye Pencil+Liquid Liner Combo
    Those who aren't comfortable using liquid liner solely on its own, this is an alternative to prepare you for more advanced techniques. First, place a piece of tape slightly below where you would like your wing to be (to create a stencil). Make sure that you rub some of the stickiness away or you'll risk tugging at your eye when you pull it off. Use your pencil liner like you normally would but carry it out to the tape wing. Take the tape off. Clean up and and sharpen the edge using liquid liner.
  6. Suggestions: L'oreal Infallible Automatic Pencil, Urban Decay Perversion Pencil
  7. *If you mess up, don't fear!
    Use a little make-up remover and a q-tip to clean up any mistakes. Apply concealer on the bottom edge to create a crisp and sharp wing.
  8. *It's totally okay if you get frustrated, just be patient and keep working at it.
    The natural fluidity of the technique won't come instantly; it takes practice, just like everything else. If it's not fun anymore, stop and practice again tomorrow. It's only make-up!
  9. *Honestly, don't torment yourself if your wings aren't absolutely perfect.
    Everyone stresses out about their wings being perfectly even, but everyones' eye shapes are different on both eyes; paying so close attention to it will literally drive you insane. Chances are, the less you worry about it, the better it will come out.