One perspective in a sea of many others
  1. I've been reading these lists that have been trending lately
  2. About the hardships we face about being different and the prejudices we encounter
  3. While these opinions are all valid and relatable...
    I agree we should most definitely have the necessary platforms to voice ourselves and empower each other
  4. I don't believe that what @Nicholas posted on his list was due to any inability to relate
    I didn't sense any type of white privilege or superiority complex when reading the list. I thought it conveyed sincerity and a general attempt to uplift the mood a bit
  5. Because I would have said the same thing too
  6. Being of Asian descent and a woman myself, I, too, have had to deal with bouts of discrimination on a constant basis; I deal with the same struggles
    Eventually, I just learned to ignore it, because that is THEIR own interpretation of you, and it should not affect the way you see/believe in yourself
  7. Sure, it's frustrating
    Being a woman working a male-dominated industry, like Tech & IT, is a hurdle sometimes, but I worked diligently to get where I am, and I know my own capabilities and eventually, their presumed disparage of my abilities dissipated
  8. And I'm not saying that it isn't hard on my ego and self-esteem
    Trust me, I've had more than my share on my own sense of doubt with my own ethnicity and background
  9. But I'm not going to pigeonhole my own self by defending myself to others based upon anything other than character traits I have personally improved upon myself, not traits I was born with
    Because then, in the end, we are still emphasizing gender and race
  10. And that is what I believe @Nicholas was trying to convey
  11. That learning to ignore it and not have it be an effect on you, is the ultimate nirvana of self-love
    Feeling anger or any type of negative emotion still means that it's affecting you, which still gives the oppressors the power
  12. Not because of his supposed "white privilege"
    Remember he's only trying to help in ways he knows how, which is creating a medium for a positive environment
  13. Of course, they (@list) don't need anyone to stand up for them, as they are all competent and capable of defending themselves
    But they also shouldn't be placed under scrutiny, as we should acknowledge everyone's individual interpretation of this world
  14. I believe this is where most of the disconnect occurs; we take more time defending ourselves rather than seeing that the person sitting across from us has differing viewpoints from our own
  15. @dev and @bjnovak's intent is not to ignore your opinions or cower into hiding when they are placed in the hot seat and the lash is being thrown back at them
    But looking from a different perspective, couldn't this retaliation be seen as a form of ganging up on them as well? Is handling it this way much better? Idk, maybe I'm just misinterpreting everything.
  16. Again, this is not to discredit others' opinions
    This is obviously just my own viewpoint, but I believe that the critical tactic in unifying the gap is understanding other perspectives in a world of mess
  17. Just my own candid thoughts.
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