Inspired by @nathanveshecco! Thank you for your incredible insight. I can be a bit wordy and verbose in my explanations but my hope is that my message resonates with some of you ❤️
  1. Do: Create a life full of warmth and compassion
    Altruism, in my opinion, is one of the most important characteristics a human can possess. Our egos sometimes get to the best of us and we forget (or disregard purposely) to support others if it doesn't directly benefit us. But I find that the ones with the kindest hearts draw in a sense of energy that makes the world seem a little less cold/disconnected.
  2. Don't: Care so much about what others think of you
    I, like anyone else, have a bad habit of this. For a long while, I was too ashamed to show the true part of myself that was full of life because some people misconstrued it as having a lack of intelligence. Instead, as a result, I flipped a complete 180 and became overly serious and critical of others in order to prove my "intelligence", leaving me little room for any personality.
  3. (Continued)
    My only concern at the time was creating a stone wall strong enough to avoid letting anyone see the hurt that had been caused. This made me very wary of taking risks and opening up enough to expose the potential of getting shot down again. It was until much later that I realized that being judgmental and resistant to interactions with people were only creating an even uglier version of me. When you allow peoples' opinions to affect you, you are allowing them to be the puppeteer of your own life.
  4. Don't: Be with someone just to be with someone and expect to find love
    If you're looking for a warm body next to you at night, a placeholder to get over another person, or a partner to keep you company because you're lonely- that's never going to turn into love. To love someone is to love them wholeheartedly as an individual, not someone that can be replaced by virtually anyone.
  5. Do: Focus on intelligence rather than superficiality
    While it's natural to be physically attracted to others, I've observed that a great number of people place a huge emphasis on looks rather than the inner workings of the mind. I found that once I became more "attractive" by societal standards, people started noticing me, making it easier for my thoughts to be heard (albeit the same opinions I had all along). I took a very cynical turn and questioned the intentions of humans and what they truly valued. I was still the same person inside.
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    At least for me, I find myself more drawn and connected to the depths of a person rather than base it solely on looks. The most outwardly attractive person may catch attention initially, but it takes inner beauty to make a person truly captivating.
  7. Don't: Be so hard on yourself
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    We all come across critics that continually tear us down, why add our own selves to the mix? Be easier on your soul. If you don't say this to yourself enough, I will say this to you every day, if need be: You are doing your best. You may not look the way you want to, but that's okay, you're still beautiful. You are a boss ass bitch. You are absolutely worth it.