Always late on the bandwagon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Not in any particular order
  1. When they unbutton suit jackets before sitting down
    Don't ask why I even started paying attention to this detail. It's probably because it means the suit is tailored and fits according to the individual's body type. So important.
  2. When they drive with one arm on the steering wheel
    It's the essence of cool and relaxed, like he's not trying too hard.
  3. When they place a firm hand on the small of my back
    Normally I'm uncomfortable with people touching me but this is subtle masculinity that I like. I perceive it as an intimate sentiment but also as their non-overbearing way of showing that "she's not available."
  4. When they rub my back, half asleep and out of habit
    I often wake up at random times in the middle of the night and I am so comforted by the fact that this, without fail, lulls me back to sleep.
  5. When they grab my hips
    I'm usually attracted to men more gentle in nature, but it's always an animalistic tendency that overcomes them, which I find very amusing.
  6. When they remember my drink order
    An Old Fashioned with Blanton's and/or a Rusty Nail
  7. When they choose to sit on the same side of the booth as me
    It adds to the magnetism when we can talk sitting next to each other as opposed to sitting across the table.
  8. When they give a slight look of surprise as I arrive all dressed up
    Eyes wide, the once-over, goofy grin.
  9. When I smell the residual scent of cologne after they've left
    On pillows, clothes, etc. I'm not a huge fan of over-powering cologne to begin with. My taste prefers something more subtle (e.g: along the lines of YSL L'Homme).
  10. When they laugh to themselves
    I love witnessing a pure moment that isn't forced or influenced by others' opinions.
  11. When they accompany me to La Perla
    Because La Perla arguably makes the best lingerie around and wearing lacy little get-ups makes me feel good, which makes the man feel good. That's how it goes, right?
  12. When they start a side conversation text and wink as I look up at them across the room
    I'm a pretty private person and there's something so secretive about it, which makes it thrilling.
  13. When they talk about a topic that makes their eyes light up
    I tend to get flustered talking about myself, so I prefer listening to others speak, as I find it to be soothing. Discussing something that they truly care about is beyond the point of seeking validation from me, but more as an excitement that is so unapologetically them.
  14. When they use an extensive vocabulary
    Trust me, this will make panties drop.
  15. When they know all of the words to a girly pop song
    There's something about watching a grown man sing along to "Pretty Girl Rock" that is highly entertaining.
  16. When they speak highly of their exes
    I don't really trust those who say, "they're crazy," because to me, it shows that they didn't learn anything from the downfall and that they're placing the blame on the other person. Those who wish the best for their exes, despite it not working out, shows a great amount of maturity. There is a difference between not being over someone and digesting the relationship from an objective perspective (i.e. realizing that there are 3 sides to a story: his side, her side, and the truth)
  17. When they display candidness and authenticity
    It's actually a turn-off when a guy feeds me lines or is a bit too suave. I don't want to hear something they've said to every girl before just because it's worked for them in the past.