Let's face it, we both had a rough year in 2016 and we lost our focus. If you want to keep me, we need to sit down and have a serious conversation about our future....
  1. It's not you, it's me.
    Okay, a lot of it was you and what you put me through.
  2. I'm not one to set some great "resolutions"
    (i.e. break said resolutions)
  3. But I will give some soft chewy chips ahoy cookie commitments to you.
    Let's be real, sounds pretty serious.
  4. I expect some things out of you as well, so you should start thinking about how you're gonna treat me better this year.
  5. I'll go first, I'll likely add to this as I think of more...
  6. Unrequited Everything, Bye Felicia.
    I'm not going to stop chase after friendships, family, or any other relationship that isn't giving me back anything. I've done it for too long and I just won't anymore.
  7. Break Up With Social Media
    Not a full on divorce, just some needed time apart. Let's call it a trial separation with occasional visitation. When scrolling through starts to make me sad instead of happy, it's time to take a break.
  8. Saying No
    I became a Yes woman somewhere. I love telling people yes or helping others, well except when I don't because it's awkward or harmful or hurtful to me. In which, I'm going to start saying no. Maybe even Hell No.
  9. Watch, Read, And Listen To something new Each Month.
    I love music, movies, and books and feel like I lost this side of me. I'm getting her back in 2017. Anyone with me?
  10. Write more.
    Whether it's my blog (crickets) or my novel, or just daily journaling, (maybe even listing) I'm going to write more. Not to mention submitting to publications. That's a huge goal/dream I'd love to see come to fruition in 2017
  11. Try To Make Some Overdue Changes.
    Finding a new Career. Bank. Starbucks. You know, the important scary things.
  12. Run Girl, Get Outta the Way
    I'm not going to make a half marathon commitment, but I'm gonna get back to running consistently as well as getting back into some lifting. Might even check into the Crossfit Gym. Accountability.
  13. Speaking up
    Even if my voice shakes. Even if I'm afraid of what you'll say back, or what you'll think. Maybe it's something to do with learning how to be silent and please people. I want to have confidence to say what I like (respectively) and not be so worried I'm offending you. On the flip side being comfortable with the quiet and not feeling the need to fill the space.
  14. My Photgraphy
    Print, frame and hang at least 2-3 pieces of my photography this year. Maybe even be brave and have a show. Work on that coffee table book.
  15. Stop Apologizing
    Often I find myself saying I'm sorry as a knee jerk reaction to anything happening that causes possibly someone discomfort. It's often annoying and friends tell me to knock it off. It's a behavior I'd really like to change
  16. Felt like I needed the reminder.