At An Antique Store I Look For....

I loved this LR! Thank you so much @k8zinker ❤️I don't collect or buy all of these things, but these are my favorite things to stumble across at antique stores, title of this list could also be name "a few of my favorite things" ❤️
  1. Vintage Books, Specifically Anything Jane Austen
  2. Cameo Brooches. 😍 I used to wear them, and I got rid of my collection a few years ago (I don't even know why at this point) but I love them.
  3. Vintage Hats 😍
  4. Vintage Aprons 😍
  5. Vintage tablecloths 😍
  6. Vintage sewing machines. I mean just look how pretty 😍
  7. Vintage advertising. I'm a advertising nerd. I don't know why I don't work in it. So fun.
  8. Vintage Cherry Decor. My kitchen is decorated in a retro/vintage cherries "theme" so I'm always on the lookout for something that goes in there.
  9. Vintage Pyrex. 😍This is ALL I use to cook and serve out of. They are the best quality and look how lovely😍 If they aren't ridiculously overpriced, I will always buy them (esp if they are like the below)
  10. Vintage Head Vases. I came across 2 at an auction and I had to have them. I mean look how gorgeous! I found they were somewhat rare and a very expensive collection item as well. I ended up having to sell them about 4 years ago. I enjoy looking at them when I find them, which is rare. They can be upwards to $750 each 😳
  11. Russian Nesting dolls. Something I started a collection of but no long collect. They were an expensive collection item so I moved on. I still love looking at them when I see them though.
  12. Vintage typewriters. I don't buy them, in fact I've never bought one, but I'd love to have one. Something about those metal keys and the sound they make clicking away thoughts into something tangible. I just love them. 😍
  13. Vintage cameras. I have 4 currently and am always looking for another to add to my fun little display. 😍
  14. Old metal keys. On the list of items I'd love to have a collection of. I have a thing for rod iron/metal. Can you tell?
  15. I'm sure there is more, but this is what I usually seem to gravitate towards. I'm always up for finding a hidden treasure though! ❤️