I don't love eating by myself and honestly I did it for the first time just a few months ago. I usually just get fast food or get my food to go. I'm trying to grow as an adult and see the benefits of eating alone. Here is what I came up with (although I did have lovely text conversation to keep me company so that's probably cheating)😬
  1. Giphy
  2. Order What You Want
    I can order whatever I want off the menu and there is no one to tell me their opinion of it. I don't have to hear the carb count or the calories, fat or even the cost. I can simply order whatever floats my little boat, with a smile of course :)
  3. Queso selfish
    I can double dip and eat all the queso since I don't have to share it with anyone. Yeah you can even dig that broken chip out because guess what? It's all yours.
  4. Hot food
    You get to eat your food when it comes out. You don't have to wait on the other persons food or take time to arrange/cut up children's food. Hot food was a shock to me after having lukewarm food for so long.
  5. Eat Or Not Eat, There is no question
    I can stuff my face full of chicken and rice or I can eat lightly without questions of why are you not eating or geez girl slow down. I am free to eat what I want at my own pace, judgment free.
  6. Feel Important
    You strut in with confidence of 100 men. Table for 1, I am secure enough to eat alone, watch me.
  7. People Stare At You
    Okay, maybe it's less because I'm alone and more because I dropped queso on me but they are staring. It's like paparazzi attention and I pretend it doesn't even faze me. This actually is the main reason I dislike eating alone but some people might like the attention?
  8. Eavesdrop on your neighbors conversation
    Not that I would ever do such a thing but when they are talking very loudly and for once, I'm not talking, it's obvious to hear that the two men in the booth next to me are talking about their alcohol consumption comparing their numbers.
  9. Unlimited ESPN watching
    News flash, Lebron is never going to be the next MJ. Don't @ me.
  10. Random strangers pay for your food when you're done.
    Ok so this has never happened but I might think about eating by myself more if it did. 😊
  11. Giphy