1. Avoiding Ice cream trucks
    Nothing is worse than a grown woman chasing a musical ice cream truck down the street.
  2. No Vending machines -aka Panic Attack Machines
    Focus. 121. Don't get stuck, DON'T GET STUCK!
  3. Avoiding the obligatory $5 pitch in on EVERY single person getting married or having a baby.
    Sorry no cash!
  4. Skipping the Claw machine, this time.
    I'm getting that Penguin next time!
  5. No Make a wish penny fountains
    You'd think I'd realize by now it doesn't work- Next time I'll use the bigger coins! 😂
  6. Avoiding Girl Scouts outside the local Walmart
    But I want some thin mints!!!
  7. Resisting Anything Amish
    Homemade bread, apple butter, pie...oh my.
  8. In case I get mugged.
    I mean it's the least likely to happen, but at least they won't get much.