A la list prompts
  1. When my darling children are playing together and laughing.....not fighting or whining
  2. When my kids are polite and kind to strangers
  3. When my kids say thank you or I love you to me randomly.
  4. When I'm comfortable with the people I'm with to be myself, which is usually a goofball.
  5. When someone texts me that they miss me or have been thinking about me
  6. Hearing an I love you from the person you love
  7. When someone asks if I've lost weight
  8. When someone compliments my children
  9. When I nail a conference call or run a flawless meeting at work
  10. When I walk out of an interview I know I succeeded at.
  11. When I get a fresh shampoo and trim to my hair
  12. Pedicures and manicures
  13. Orgasms, multiple 🙊
    I mean transparency at its finest here
  14. When I move slightly or go to turn over in the bed and you ask where I'm going
  15. When someone really holds your hand, not just interlocks fingers.
    I never realized there was a difference before
  16. When I finish a painting and I'm proud of its outcome
  17. Being kissed with passion and yet sometimes with gentleness.
  18. That first lick of ice cream
  19. When I'm complimented on my dress or outfit
  20. Climbing into clean sheets you just put on the bed
  21. Finishing all my schoolwork before the weekend
  22. Contentment
  23. When you wake up in the middle of the night and notice it's only 3am and you have extra time to sleep