Birthday Wishes

I get a wish for every year I'm alive right? There are a few things I'd love for my birthday but those are special and will have to remain as "one day" wishes in my heart ❤️, so here are some things I may treat myself to on my upcoming birthday :)
  1. Manicure
    Okay so more like 4 months but I think it's time to treat myself
  2. Hair Appointment
    Nothing drastic, I love my long locks but a trim and maybe some highlights or purple or something ☺️
  3. Spa/Facial/Massages
    I've never had a "spa day" or a facial. I think I owe it to myself to atleast experience it right?
  4. Orchids
    Sure roses and tulips are beautiful and send a romantic message of affections but orchids are so different and beautiful I might just buy me one. I'd likely just kill it with too much water, but I'd do my best not to.
  5. New Fitbit band
    In Rosegold of course 😍
  6. Brownie sundae
    Ok this is probably definitely happening at some point. 🍦
  7. A nap.
    Legit this would be an amazing gift to myself. Except she needs socks :)