An ongoing list
  1. Oatmeal with fruit always sounds good for breakfast. Raisin Bran is always on a solid backup.
  2. I think about getting my oil change and tires rotated on my car.
    When you work hard and finally have a reliable vehicle, you take pride in it and want to take care of it.
  3. I take daily medicine now. Nothing serious but it's enough of a reminder I'm not 22 anymore. Although I'm probably in much better health and state of mind now than when I was 22.
  4. I'm starting to care less what people think.
    This is huge for me. I had been told the older I got the less and less I would begin to worry or care and it's true.
  5. I tend to operate better on 6 hours of sleep than 8-10.
    This probably has nothing to do with getting older
  6. I think about (and worry) too much about the future.
    When I was younger there was time for everything. I don't feel as much like that anymore.
  7. I'm more strict on my time and who I give my energy too.
    It used to be everyone, I'm learning it's okay to say no to some things and take care of me if necessary.
  8. Injuries take longer to heal
    And sunburns are much worse the older you get. I think mainly because you know better and you're just mad at yourself.
  9. I notice very little things I used to never pay attention to.
    I don't think I have more time, but how a tree leans from the breath of wind or how birds chase each other. Just slowing down and appreciating things more than I used to.
  10. I am concerned I'm not getting enough vitamins in my diet.
    My leg cramps must fully be a potassium deficiency. Time to eat more bananas.