It's necessary from time to time. The break time frame ranges from person to person.
  1. Find your phone.
    It's already in your hand psycho.
  2. Download all of your pictures and videos to the cloud.
    Or whatever these kids use these days....#wishiwascool
  3. Backup all pertinent documents.
    Like that text message that they read 4 hours ago but hasn't responded to, yeah that one ESP.
  4. Climb the tallest building in your town.
    You're gonna need the cardio anyway.
  5. Change your mind and climb down, heights aren't your thing.
  6. Find a sledge hammer.
    Buy one if all else fails, this is serious.
  7. Find a tree stump
    Shouldn't be too difficult. Might take a little driving.
  8. Place phone on tree stump.
    Now is the time to say goodbye.
  9. Lift sledge hammer up and say a short prayer on how you are doing this for the good.
  10. Notifications jingle....
    It's a SIGN!
  11. Put hammer down and check phone.
  12. Your is trending, your tweet went viral and they text you back! Yes!
    Just kidding, there is no trending anymore 💔
  13. Pick up phone, kiss it and apologize.
  14. Tuck it safely away in its personal "spot"
  15. Give hammer to a stranger as a pay it forward.
    Or keep it as a reminder of this day and how you almost took the life of your firstborn Isaac.
  16. Give a kiss to the heavens for the obvious sign.
    I mean cellular signals in those back woods is a miracle in itself.
  17. Convince yourself you're just fine, taking a break is silly anyway.
  18. Nevermind....