Hurtful Things Said To Me 🌟

Because I'm sensitive I guess.....and so many are relevant still
  1. Are you going to finish that?
    Does it look like I'm not gonna finish it?
  2. Wanna try Kale?
  3. Hey, let's go for a run!
    It's 22 degrees outside. Hit me up when it's above freezing at least
  4. Is it still knee high boot season?
  5. Do you wanna share this dessert?
    I don't share well with others
  6. Do you like whipped or buttercream frosting?
    You don't even know me.
  7. Isn't that water refreshing?
    Gimmie a Diet Cherry Coke, Stat.
  8. Race you to the conference room!?
  9. Let's do whole 30 together!