Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. Sing in the shower
  2. Put on perfume before bed
  3. Wear high heels
  4. Wink
  5. Hug
  6. Smile
  7. Talk in accents
  8. Tell people they're beautiful
  9. Eat cool whip out of the container
  10. Visit antique shops
  11. Learn
  12. Drive by myself with just my music and my racing mind
  13. Eat chips and applesauce ....together
  14. Try to be artsy
  15. Order dessert
  16. Stand outside when it's warm and windy at the same time, feeling the power and strength of the wind.
  17. Open my moon roof and turn my music up annoyingly loud while driving
  18. Sleep in socks