1. I see you INTROVERT
    You love your little ball of being to yourself. You find comfort in your books, music and movies that transport your imagination to a world you'd rather live in. You don't have to shake my hand or give me a hug. I know you like your bubble and I respect that even if I annoyingly at times try to draw you out a little. I don't want to change you, I see you.
  2. I see you EXTROVERT
    You constantly feel like you are trying to keep up with everyone. You love being around people and connecting in real life rather than just through a screen. You always dread being alone because you base your self worth on it. You wish you read more and was more in a bubble but you can't help it but want to break free. It's perfectly ok, there is nothing wrong with that. I see you.
  3. I see you COLLEGE STUDENT
    Sure you think older adults look down on you, you think we envy you (we do sometimes). You are stressed from exams, trying to figure out your life, and learning all the hard stuff that makes you an adult. It's tough and necessary at the same time. It's what makes you grow. Try and breathe and enjoy this time as much as you can. I know it's tough, I see you.
  4. I see you SINGLE MOM
    You are trying the best you can, feeling like a failure at everything. You're not. You're one of the strongest people I know. Your kids don't realize it now, but when they are older they will appreciate how hard you worked for them. There is nothing wrong with you, you are still loveable even if you don't feel it. I see you.
  5. I see you ASPIRING _____________.
    You have big dreams and that's amazing! Don't ever lose those and don't stop fighting for them. I know days it feels easier to just settle for something marginal and safe but your whole being refuses to do that. You are in a constant struggle and that's ok, just keep on. I see you.
  6. I see you PERSON OF COLOR
    While people may label you as something specific, I'll never understand little things I might take for granted on a daily basis you never get to experience. I see you struggle with finding a place in a world that should be more accepting and there are days if I had control I'd hit the magic button to fix it. I also see you strong and brave and intelligent. Sometimes I don't think you get told that. Know I see you.
  7. I see you LI.STER
    I read about you, listen to your story, try to feel and understand what you're going through. Offer help where I can and stay silent when I don't feel adequate to speak. I see your moments of joy, and your moments of darkness. I see your hilariously awesome humor that some people don't get and I see the quirky corny jokes everyone loves. I'm glad you're here, with me....I see you.