An ongoing list...
  1. Needing socks at bedtime. I have cold toes and there is no compromise. I need warm feet to sleep well.
  2. I will never be able to open a box of cereal (insert any other food boxed good) correctly. I always tear it or rip it wrong. It's never gonna happen for me.
  3. Reading magazines backwards. It started a long time ago and it's just a weird quick of mine.
  4. I'm never gonna get back to my original weight. 8lbs 6oz is a little extreme
  5. I'm never going to drink enough water.
  6. I'm up 20lbs from a year ago and am determined to stop talking about it and actually stop eating everything in sight.
  7. my worth. As a woman, as a mom, as a person. It's growth and it's a great thing.
  8. Gift wrapping. It's not in the cards for me. Tissue paper and gift bag 100% of the time
  9. Wanting to write more but can't save as a draft so, publish it is.