An ongoing list....
  1. Text you first
  2. Suggest a place to go
  3. Eat ice cream out of the carton
  4. Talk a little too much
  5. Sing randomly in the car, shower, corn field...
  6. Want to take a picture
  7. Sneeze at the most Inopportune time
  8. Ask you to choose the movie
  9. Talk to strangers
  10. Mess up cooking something simple
  11. Stop at an old antique store
  12. Make an excuse to travel where my favorite donut shop is.
  13. Wear long sleeves all year round
  14. Say I'm sorry too much
    but mean it every time I say it
  15. Ask if you're okay or if I can make your day better.
  16. Surprise people with my tastes in things
  17. Sporadically blast Eminem
  18. Take a diet cherry Coke over alcohol
  19. Smile
  20. Be indecisive about dinner
  21. Touch you when I talk to you
  22. Start dancing if a good song comes on
  23. Act tougher than I am
  24. Still make wishes at the penny fountain
  25. Overthink
  26. Buy you something that made me think of you
  27. Carry excedrine
  28. Never be seen in pants
  29. Steal a bite from your plate
  30. Come to your rescue if possible
  31. Turn the AC on but grab a blanket
  32. Read magazines backward
  33. Be caught daydreaming out a window
  34. Run my hands across fabric or towels in a store
  35. Never try on clothing at the store
  36. Fall asleep snuggled up watching tv late at night