Came across the gem πŸ’Ž from when I actually used to list something funny and worth reading for entertainment....and had to reshare it.
  1. β€’
    Shoestring fries β€” Birth to age 5
    Delicate and a little wild, I usually have to eat mine with a fork and they can be rather difficult. But they are fun and messy.
  2. β€’
    Generic Fast Food Fries β€” ages 6-14
    Just like the choices of Fast Food Fries, were the places we moved growing up. State to state, house to house. During this point in my life we moved 13 times. And I ate A LOT of fast food fries in the process.
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    Potato wedges- ages 15-20
    Awkward phase 1. Is it technically a French fry? Was I technically an awkward boyish teen girl? My mother was gone a lot working. When she was home she was depressed and wanted to be left alone. Probably why I still can't handle eye liner or lipstick. I've almost mastered Chapstick though. #winning
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    Curly fries β€” ages 20-25
    The fun, full of life, fry. I was married, life seemed like it was finally going my way. Bouncing, Happy Curls of life. Also - Ode to the days of Perms. Spiral perms. Cause that was totally what was on trend.
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    Tator Tots β€” ages 25-30
    Awkward Phase 2. Not a French fry, but similar. Different, but enjoyable. Kids like them, and that's what I spent doing those 5 years. Having babies.
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    Waffle fries β€” ages 30-35
    Currently living in the waffle fry era. Although it's been around for a while, those who love waffle fries aren't people who usually run with the rest of the crowd. They do their own thing, and I like thinking I'm like that. (Or will be by the time I hit 35) Also Because it looks like a hashtag and technology is now our lives. #hashtagrandomness #dontjudgeme #wafflefries
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    Crinkle Fries β€” ages 35-55
    It's simple, Crinkle are the best fries in my opinion so it must be that some of my best days are still ahead of me, and that really excites me.
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    Steak fries β€”ages 55-70
    By this time in my life, I'm going to be a solid sturdy thick skinned fry who doesn't care if it's even called a fry. There is a lot there and they don't care if people like them or not. They are the ultimate Fry.
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    Then I die of Cholesterol or Trans Fat.
  10. β€’
    And yes I'm just as hungry now for some loaded cheese fries.
    You're welcome.