1. I had this amazing idea that if I was a secret shopper I could get all kinds of free stuff AND get paid to do it.
    Sounds like the best job ever right??
  2. So I found a legitimate company that paid secret shoppers to do work for them.
  3. Since I live in a small town, my opportunities were very slim, but in the neighboring cities there were a lot more options.
  4. Most of the "jobs" around me were fast food restaurants.
  5. So to just "get my feet wet" I thought I would choose the McDonald's "job" in my local town and get to work.
  6. I mean if they wanna pay me to eat their fries and a shamrock shake, who am I to turn that down?
    You actually had to order what they told you. I think you could choose between a Big Mac or a quarter lb. meal. I still got a shamrock shake because I'm so rebellious ya'll. (Ha!)
  7. So I signed up to get paid like $20 plus the cost of my food once I completed my job.
  8. Then I got the requirements of the job.
  9. The one I was given was a drive through job to do between certain hours.
    Okay, not ideal, but I can work with it.
  10. Next I had to go when there was at least 1-3 cars already in the drive thru but no more than four.
    Ok, certain time limit, now have to make sure a car is already in the drive through. Check.
  11. Then I had to time myself from the time I pulled in, how long it took to get to order, how long it took to the first window and then how long to get my food.
    The requirements stated everything had to be in to the seconds. So if it was only 45 seconds, then log that window as 45 seconds. Also it was very specific about recording this subtly and without being noticed I was doing it. Ummm sure no problem? I scream inconspicuous when I'm trying to be a spy.
  12. Then I was to take my food home and take some pictures. Well they didn't require you to take it home, but I did.
    This seemed easy enough right?
  13. The requirements said to take a picture of the food inside the bag.
    Easy enough, click 📷
  14. Then take the sandwich out and take a photo of it.
    Easy enough. 📷
  15. Turn the sandwich upside and photo it.
    Odd but okay. 📷
  16. Pull off top of bun and take a pic to see if it's been toasted and has what's supposed to be on it.
    This is starting to annoy me and I'm getting hungry. 📷
  17. Cut sandwich in half, pull halves apart and take a pic.
    I just really want to eat the dang Big Mac! 📷
  18. Then it asks you to take a bite and rate it based on a long survey of flavor, color, temperature, overall.
    Well now that it is cold and mutilated, I'm sure it tastes like the cardboard garbage it's supposed to be. 🍔
  19. Next was the questions on the fries. 🍟
    Not the fries! Does it end?
  20. Screw it I said and ate my marginally warm fries and what was left of my tortured Big Mac.
    I didn't turn anything in and was perfectly fine paying for my own things from then on.
  21. Lesson learned was I'm not cut out for secret shopping.
  22. At least not when it's something I have a close relationship with.......like food.
    Oh or maybe if I read the instructions before I went, but minor details....
  23. At least the shamrock shake was delish. 🍀
  24. #reshare