1. I think I'm using double the amount of skin retinol creams by mistake, thus the reason my skin is so dry.
  2. I really enjoy lightly putting on perfume after my shower before bedtime
  3. You can water something too much. Sometimes you have to stop, give it some time, and see it bloom. You can't force something to grow, esp with too much water. In your efforts you'll just drown the very thing you're trying to protect.
  4. The word "can't" makes us liars. Or cowards. I haven't decided completely, I just know I'm going to try and stop using it when it's an excuse for fear.
  5. I never knew I could miss someone as much as I currently do.
  6. I need a new loofa sponge
  7. One day I'm going to own a nice deep tub I can take hot relaxing baths in. Actually it's going to be deep enough for two.
  8. Static