Some Things I Let Bother Me 🌟

That really shouldn't ....
  1. Starbucks sleeves
    Why does your hot coffee get a sleeve and my cold mocha frap get nothing? Doesn't my hand deserve equal protection from frostbite as well as heat? You better have an answer @nathanielrepay
  2. Country Songs
    I am not usually a fan but sometimes I can't turn them off. They get their hooks in me talking about that 3am insomnia wondering what you're doing. Yeah, don't act like you know me country songs, even if you clearly do.
  3. Perfection
    I get it, perfection: population 0. It's like I know these things but I still worry way too much about trying to be perfect. It bothers me when I can't be.
  4. Peoples opinions/perceptions
    I've been taught at an extreme level how to "behave" in a public setting. Was I too friendly? Friendly enough? Did I come across as snarky or genuine? Did I smile too much? Not enough?
  5. Failed Expectations
    Whether I set them or someone else sets them. It's that fine line between not settling/having high standards and yet keeping your expectations low. Pass the excedrine.
  6. Rounding Gas purchases
    Why do people still round their gas purchases to the nearest dollar? You know you ain't manually subtracting that out of your checkbook. Come @ me.
  7. Stranger Danger
    We teach our kids to smile and wave at strangers and then we turn around and teach them stranger danger. We should probably make up our minds.
  8. Using the Entrance as the Exit.
    Okay so unless it's an emergency look up and use the correct door. Especially if someone else is using it correctly and now you are blocking the whole entrance. Oh if you looked up from your phone it would help.
  9. Stopping in a crowd of people on a walkway.
    So I know you really can't wait to tell Tiffany that Blake texted you but the Noah's ark flood of people behind you wishes you would step out of the beaten path to have your most important conversation.
  10. Jealousy
    We all struggle with things. I don't let it get out of control but sometimes that not so jolly green giant knows right when to hit me hard. I have great people who pull me out of this and help me realize who I am afterwards but it's a bumpy ride until then.
  11. Cashiers that wrap your receipt around your debit card
    I understand you're trying to be efficient but I didn't pull my card out of my wallet with a receipt wrapped around it, so putting it back in with it is annoyingly difficult. Could you just put the receipt in the bag?