The 5 love languages is a book stating there are 5 different ways in which we most generally show and like to receive love from a partner. Usually we tend to give what we like receiving when in theory you may not be speaking your partners "language". Here are mine, cause I know you were dying to know.
  1. Acts of Service
    There was a time when I felt like taking out the trash or doing the dishes so I didn't have to was a way of showing me love through "acts of service." The older I get I realize that I don't have specific jobs and neither would you. We are just a team always working together and if something needs done, one of us does it. We don't do it as an act of service for the other, we just do it because it needs done. Idk, not my favorite or a need of mine.
  2. Gifts
    Gifts are great. I love a thoughtful, well planned gift. A surprise of something I've wanted and didn't ask for or a random gift because something made you think of me is a wonderful way to show love. It just happens to personally to not be my favorite way to be shown love.
  3. Quality Time
    So 3/2/1 are going to overlap a lot. All we have is time and it's precious and important. Knowing you are wanting to spend it with me and giving me good quality time with you is a need in my love bank. It's not about needing all of your time but a healthy amount of Quality time goes so far with me.
  4. Words of Affirmation
    This and number one are a tie really. I need to know you love me, that you think I'm beautiful, that you're proud of me, that you can't stop thinking about me. Maybe I wasn't told this enough as a child so I need it now. It does wonders for my soul when I hear how much you love me.
  5. Physical touch
    Are we shocked the firey Leo's main love language is physical touch? I am a very touchy feely person. Yes I'm always going to want to be touching you or you touching me. Yes, always. Driving in the car or sitting at a restaurant, From various levels of sweet and intimate to hot and spicy. And if you're telling me I'm beautiful while you're holding my face kissing me at the start of a some great quality time.....*sigh* yeah, I melt.