There really is so much. I tried to keep it concise. Honestly my attention span isn't long enough for super long lists, even my own sometimes. This was difficult to publish. I don't like sharing that I wish I would have done so many things different. It's not "typical marginally amazing" but that's because it's just real Chrissy.
  1. Sweetie, Calm down, No one knows what they are doing at 16.
    You don't know what you're doing with graduation next year and that's scary I know. I know you feel like you want to get away and be an adult. I know you just want to feel like you're accepted and excel at something. You want to prove yourself and that's a great thing. Just use your brain more and your emotions less. There will be PLENTY of opportunities out there. Don't take the first one. Just enjoy being a "kid" while you can.
  2. Girl, get your hair cut in long layers and buy a curling iron. Have "Becky with the good hair" show you how to use it.
    You won't get that reference until later, but it's gold. Seriously, I know your mom wasn't around to show you these things. I know your older sister was going through a goth phase. You are a beautiful girl, you just don't realize it. Oh, don't ever cut your hair that short again or get a perm. If you listen to nothing else, listen to this. Layers, blowout, lightly curl. Timeless for the next couple decades at least.
  3. Read more.
    For heavens sake, your wit and charm will only last so long. Yes you're marginally funny and have street smart, but when you are an adult and people are talking about adult things, you are going to feel like you didn't study hard enough for the exam. The Internet will be around more so become good friends with Wikipedia and Google. Also side note, buy Apple Stock. (Don't ask me how, just do it) Also, Stay away from politics, no one ever wins those conversations.
  4. Date a lot of boys.
    I know you officially can now date that you're 16. So don't be a slut about it, but don't be so picky either. I know you're crazy about Dean. He's too old to be flirting with a 16 year old. I know you like older guys but Either go after him or move on. If you don't you will become way too obsessed with him. It's going to only leave you broken hearted. Don't ever settle for someone who you don't love passionately and who doesn't treat you the same. Period. Know your worth, then add tax.
  5. Stop trying to please everyone.
    Oh sweetie, I know it's tough but do yourself a huge favor and do what makes YOU happy. I know making others happy is a big part of making you happy but it's not enough. You can not make everyone happy all the time. It's a miserable attempt to even try. You will fail because it's impossible. You're the one who will get hurt and people still won't be happy. It's okay to put yourself first.
  6. Invest in some good bras.
    Again, I know your mom wasn't there to help and you hit adult puberty early. Most girls your age don't have to deal with big boobs but guess what, you do. Get fitted and get a great quality bra. You'll feel better about yourself. Give up the dream of wearing anything strapless or bra less for that matter. I know spaghetti straps are all the rage, but don't. Just don't. It's not going to happen. Just make peace with it and move on.
  7. Learn it's okay to do things for yourself.
    This goes back to the "stop trying to please everyone thing." You love to sing and dance. Do it. You love photography. Do it. You like sleeping in a bed with sheets and a pillowcase of your own, just buy them yourself. Stop sharing underwear with your sister. You deserve your own things. It's totally okay to have your own things. It's the great thing about becoming a woman. I have to tell you again because you're stubborn.
  8. Do not get married until you are at least 30.
    I mean if you find that one soul that sets your heart on fire at 28, then I guess you can marry before you're 30 but I'm telling you, you are going to change so much in the next 14 years. You really will know when your 30 what matters in relationships and what doesn't so much. You'll realize that the way someone talks you to is far more attractive than they way they look. You'll understand that a commitment like that shouldn't be an escape from a life you didn't like. Take your time.
  9. Figure out who you are.
    Use your 20s to figure out what YOU like. If you don't LOVE nascar, quit pretending you do so that you fit in. You don't like alcohol? Don't be afraid to say, hey, I'm not into this, and order a diet cherry coke. The sooner you find out what you like, you'll attract people who enjoy those same things. And even if you make friends with those who don't love everything you love, the fact you can learn new things from them is part of the fun too.
  10. Travel, even if it means alone.
    Listen to me. You were meant to explore. You have the soul of a wanderer. A treasure seeker. You will always have this desire to find new places, learn new culture, and live in the moment. Do yourself a favor and buy a passport. Then look into internships and distance learning in other countries. Stay away from Iraq and Iran. Start a blog about your travels. Write on it at least one a week.
  11. Finish school!
    Finish your journalism degree at Ball State. Do not think you can just "do it later because this boy made you think so". It's a lie from the devil himself. (Okay so it is possible later but it's unnecessarily harder.) just listen to me, I know what's best. Finish your degree, intern someplace fabulous and start living the life you've wanted.
  12. Send in your audition tape to Channel One
    Who cares what others think. Yes they are laughing at that Lisa Ling and Anderson Cooper now, but trust me, no ones laughing later. Do it Christina. You know you really want to.
  13. Stop with the emotional eating.
    I would appreciate if you could stop binge eating when you're upset. You are creating a really bad habit that I have to deal with later. I know I'm being a little harsh, but could you eat salad when you're upset? With some horrible tasting vinaigrette instead? Donuts and cheeseburgers seriously need to stop.
  14. Find the App in 16 years and don't be afraid to be yourself.
    I know you don't know what an "app" is right now. But write this down. Don't forget it.
  15. Treat love more like a charity and less like an investment.
  16. ❤️