1. My ability to kill plants just by owning them (inspired by @PeteOnEarth post
  2. Fitting a whole __(food item)___ in my mouth at once.
    Cupcake, glazed donut, cheeseburger etc...
  3. Using a flat iron to curl my hair
    Really, I'm pretty talented with 400 degree heated tools.
  4. Wearing deodorant
    It's not rocket science but I don't think as many people thoughtfully consider this.
  5. Speak in an accent. British, Southern, Sveeden
    Spin the wheel and what character would you like today.
  6. Turning in Redbox movies days after they are due.
    Really I could have bought them for less $
  7. Playing Monopoly.
    My siblings still refuse to play board games with me.
  8. Kissing
    I'll just leave it at that.
  9. Kissing boo boos and giving first aid
    Expert level.
  10. Driving children to various sporting events
  11. Overthinking
  12. Pushing my gas tank to its limit before I run out of gas
  13. Finding new good tunes to jam to 🎸