1. Today, still recovering from #underterminedsickenss, She pulled herself together and went to an interview.
  2. Yes I could have technically scheduled it for next week when I would hopefully be feeling better, but I have super important things going on next week and didn't want to mess those already made plans up
  3. I took Tylenol, curled my hair, put on my Chrissy Charm™ and walked into that interview confident as can be.
    I actually received compliments on my skirt by two different individuals.
  4. After a very good hour discussing various topics I was told there were actually two positions I was being interviewed for.
  5. And this place isn't just "somewhere" but a major publishing business that I've applied to numerous times.
  6. The girl who walked into that interview felt somewhat fake, coping with her cactus sore throats and throbbing head, flashed her smile and her charm as she knowingly has done many times
    Being cheered on by the sweetest messages ❤
  7. But by the end, something had changed. It wasn't fake anymore.
  8. This is the girl who used to be so happy, driven, passionate, excited.
  9. I've missed her. She being lost for so long, came out in me again.
  10. Regardless of what happens, although I'm optimistic
  11. I'm so glad she's back.