Besides the obvious trust and respect....
  1. Comfy pajamas and old movie night binges together.
  2. A cool wash cloth they put on your face when you're sick.
  3. PDA
  4. Slow dancing in the living room, preferably to something vintage and beautiful.
  5. Being the big or little spoon
  6. Forehead Kisses
  7. The way they laugh at your marginal jokes and are sarcastically cute back.
  8. Heartbeats you can hear when your head is on their chest.
  9. Secret hand written notes planted in your lunch.
  10. When you hold Hands but the thumbs still caress each other.
  11. When they read or sing to you.
  12. Inside Jokes you share only with each other.
  13. A hand on her knee/thigh when you're sitting close.
  14. Challenging my scrabble words and me convincing them they are real (they secretly just like watching me try).
  15. Random sweet text messages, sometimes racy.
  16. The tightest and most secure hugs.
  17. Feeding each other bites of a brownie sundae.
  18. Flowers, just because.
  19. The way you recognize their steady breathing sound while they sleep.
  20. A neck rub from a rough day or any day really.
  21. Winking at them from across the room.
  22. Your favorite special drink they bring you when you are having a rough day.
  23. The Sound of their voice talking about something they love.
  24. Reassuring their insecurities, after all, we all have them.
  25. When they pick you up a sandwich and they don't have to ask you how you like it, or what you want on it. They pay attention and know what you like.
  26. Being their biggest fan at whatever they are passionate about.
  27. Knowing there isn't anyone you'd rather do the simplest things with than them.
  28. When everything you see somehow reminds you of them
  29. When you're mature enough to understand the difference between love and lust.
    Love is something you plant, tend, and take care of long term.
  30. Love fights for you. Endures for you. Doesn't give up on you.