Grief, stress, work, divorce, burst pipes, depression... Life is hard. But there are friends!
  1. Invite them to happy hour
    Or another low-stakes hang out that can be fit into a busy schedule.
  2. Keep inviting them to happy hour
    Even if they cancel. Especially if they cancel twice.
  3. Offer concrete ways you can help
    I can babysit/make dinner/call you on Wednesdays to check in/bring the tequila.
  4. Talk about it
    Maybe they need someone?
  5. Don't talk about it
    Maybe they need to chat about Adele's new song, instead?
  6. Offer to bring the dinner and wine to their house
    Where they can sit in their pajamas and be comfortable, and they can talk about whatever they need or maybe just watch a movie. That's cool too. Be there for them, but in the situation they are comfortable.
    Suggested by @annalara