Maybe you heard? We're a pretty big deal. Here's why I agree.
  1. We ❤️ Stand Up Comedy
    ACME Comedy Club is a gem. Free and fun open mics on Monday nights, national talent on the weekends and the starting off point for comedians like Maria Bamford, Nick Swardson and Chad Daniels. You're welcome, Hollywood.
  2. We ❤️ Writers
    The Loft Literary Center, Graywolf Press and Louise Erdrich all call Minneapolis home. And this is just the tippy top of the iceberg.
  3. We ❤️ 🍺
    Every other day a new brewery pops up somewhere in Minneapolis. Favs: Surly, Fulton, LynLake Brewery. And they are in so much good company.
  4. The lakes! 🌊
    Walk, run, bike or lounge around one. Snack, play volleyball or picnic next to one. Swim, boat or paddle in one. All without leaving the city!
  5. We ❤️ Theater
    We have the most live theater per capita than anywhere else, after NYC. Pretty sweet deal.
  6. We ❤️ 🚴🏽
    Bike, bike, baby. Even YEAR ROUND if you're hardy enough.
  7. We ❤️ 🌈
    LGBTQ proud and also home of a crazy happy Pride, every year.
  8. We ❤️ Restaurants
    We have a decent restaurant scene, and nationally award winning chefs. Yum!
  9. We ❤️ St. Paul
    We're a Twin! The rivalry is friendly, and we riff each other out of love. We're better off because of our neighbor.