Like these? I save my best for class. Offered online this winter:
  1. (Fiction) A woman's phone rings and when she picks it up a song she has not heard since childhood is playing, faintly, on the other end.
    Who is calling? What does she do? What happens when the song ends?
  2. (Nonfiction) When was the last time you felt sweat slip down your back?
    Write the scene, but you cannot use the following words: sweat, wet, damp, chill, or shivered.
  3. (Fiction) Take a character from fiction you love or fiction you've written and imagine what they'd include on a list of their top 5 greatest fears.
    To keep writing/listing move on to: top 5 greatest desires, top 5 greatest SECRET desires, or top 5 regrets. (What does it say about that character?)
  4. (Nonfiction) Tell me about the American Dream.
    What does it look like? What does it feel like? What are the images, words, or scenes that invoke it?
  5. (Fiction) It starts to snow in LA.
    And then?
  6. (Nonfiction) Think of someone close to you, but who is not related to you. List 4 of your favorite memories with that person, and 1 of your least favorite.
    (Li.sters should like this one!) Using only those memories, write a history of your relationship as if you were introducing them to your family for the first time.