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Inspired by @mallofamanda - our family portrait for the church yearbook. This is... Amazing.
  1. Rick
    Those. Glasses.
  2. Marty
    This was the last time she had long hair. I love the plaid ruffed shirt and jumper.
  3. Chip
    The turtleneck and the sweater both belong to my mom.
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  1. Answered interview and fact checking questions from the New York Times
    There may be an article coming out in September where I may be featured a bit (In the New York freaking Times)
  2. Wrapped up some major things for our huge Google for Education event next week in Chicago: Googlepalooza
    I'm excited to support over 4000 people (teachers, principals, etc) use Google apps more effectively inside and outside of the classroom. I am humbled by the excitement and excellent. #cpsgoogle
  3. Got pulled out of an important strategy meeting to support my boss with a "mission critical item"
    The mission critical item? He needed three color copies of a document.
  4. Sigh.
Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Case/lang/veirs
    Prepping for seeing them all Sunday at the Chicago theatre. This album is really good.
  2. Quitting
    This is what I'm reading in preparation for possible life changes. Well researched, thoughtful with soon be really good insight
  3. The Goldfinch
    This is what I'm reading when I'm not reading my aforementioned non fiction. I'm Only through part one but this book is beautiful and haunting. (By Donna Tartt)
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@TQ @simplyshelli @theranman
  1. Go to the third Chicago list app meetup https://li.st/l/5qJayMpq8PttFn3XTluV3E
  2. ❤️❤️❤️😘😘
I had a breakfast meeting at Google and I was a half an hour early.
  1. Why don't the elevators have numbers to press?
    How am I going to get to my floor?
  2. Ugh. Why am I so early?
    Our meeting is at 9am. Why did I leave my house so early? My anxiety over being late always gets me places early.
  3. This is going to be great.
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The dramatic relationship between Leftie and Rightie, a pair of red converse.
  1. This is Rightie
  2. Who happens upon
  3. Leftie...
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My father is aging and has never really been good at taking care of himself or things. I have five brothers and we need to address end of life issues and how to pay for his wishes (since he has no money). Of all his kids, I am the furthest away from home, but may have the most luck. This is the conversation I am having with my father.
  1. 82% of people say it’s important to put their wishes in writing. 23% have actually done it.
    Source: Survey of Californians by the California HealthCare Foundation (2012)
  2. Are you ready to have this conversation? If not now, when?
    Unfortunately, my father is a procrastinator and has an avoidant personality. I am calling him weekly to check in and keep this conversation fresh in his mind.
  3. Who do you want to be your advocate?
    There are six of us and someone needs to appointed the leader in making these decisions. Who do you want advocating for your wishes? Who do you want to have power of attorney? Who do you want (or not want) to be involved in your care? Who do want to make decisions on your behalf if you can't? (health care proxy.) This appointee should not be selected out of guilt or by popularity. He should select based on who he trusts can do it to the best of their ability and can handle the responsibility.
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  1. With
  2. this
  3. list
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Hopefully an ever growing list
  1. All the Light We Cannot See
    By Anthony Doerr - very good. It took me a minute to get into it but the short chapters and oscillating character focus hooked me in
Dating is really difficult in Chicago (and everywhere).
  1. The guy who cried
    About his ex girlfriend. Who broke up with him when she turned 21. Three years ago. He was 36 at the time.
  2. The guy who brought a stuffed animal
    It was not a present for me (which would also be creepy). When asked, he said "it's a Calvin and Hobbes kind of thing". My response: "but...Uhm... It's a bear." Him: "so you get it." Me: sigh.
  3. The guy who hated women
    Him "I work with women all day at the hospital. All they do is gossip and talk about makeup. I can't believe they can vote AND own property. Our country is going backwards." Me: flips table.
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