Our 1980s Family Portrait

Inspired by @mallofamanda - our family portrait for the church yearbook. This is... Amazing.
  1. Rick
    Those. Glasses.
  2. Marty
    This was the last time she had long hair. I love the plaid ruffed shirt and jumper.
  3. Chip
    The turtleneck and the sweater both belong to my mom.
  4. Ted
    That hair. Those glasses. YES
  5. Dan
    So fresh faced
  6. Mike
    I love the turtleneck and argyle sweater vest
  7. Margaret (me)
    Printed Turtleneck. HUGE bow. I've never looked better.
  8. Timmy
    Apparently the Turtleneck was a prerequisite to be in both the picture and the family.
  9. In all our glory.