I had a breakfast meeting at Google and I was a half an hour early.
  1. Why don't the elevators have numbers to press?
    How am I going to get to my floor?
  2. Ugh. Why am I so early?
    Our meeting is at 9am. Why did I leave my house so early? My anxiety over being late always gets me places early.
  3. This is going to be great.
  4. Huh. People are here before nine.
  5. I should have eaten something before I got here.
    I usually make a smoothie every morning, but today Im@having breakfast at Google. I should have held off on my digestion plus and metabolism booster vitamin until I had food in my stomach. Sigh. Now I'm nauseous in reception at Google.
  6. There is a lot of hair on my coat. I really should take care of that.
  7. I'll just sit here on this sofa shaped like lips.
  8. It is surprisingly comfortable.
  9. Does my outfit work for this meeting AND my date tonight?
  10. A guy just walked down the stairs. Stopped. Stared at me. And went back up the stairs.
    It probably didn't have anything to do with me. Or maybe it's my outfit. Or maybe since I am a visitor I put the fear of "stranger danger" in him.
  11. Ugh. I'm still nauseous and my ears are ringing from my stupid clogged sinuses.
  12. I wonder what I'll eat at breakfast.
  13. I'll probably channel my inner Joey Tribiani, look at all the food and say "this is where I make my money back"
  14. I hope this goes well.
  15. I hope I say all the things I need to say.
  16. I hope I don't screw this up. That would be bad.
  17. There's that guy again. Maybe it's weird that my outfit has googley colors.
  18. Sigh.
  19. Okay here we go.
  20. This is gonna be great.
  21. We are going to do great things.
  22. This is pretty cool. I love my job. But I'd also love to work somewhere that has a barista and an onsite cafeteria. And snacks.
  23. Oooh! A dispenser for chia seeds. I love chia seeds. And kashi heart to hieart. Yes.
    Control yourself Margaret.
  24. Talking and saying all the things.
  25. Done.
  26. Nailed it.