I'm not a sorority hater. Some of them have great style. Their bodies are consistently hot and they're usually super warm to me when we do group projects together. I love girls and groups of girls and nice hair and scented lotions and if I wasn't such an uncomfortable person I probably would have rushed. Some clothes just get on my DAMN NERVES
  1. That one fucking free people dress
    It comes in blue... Or white.... It has like lace panels and a dippy little hem and a frill or some shit like that. Fuck that dress
  2. Toms
    Just donate them both :(
  3. Paisley free people bell bottoms they got for upwards of 100 bucks
    For festival season 💃
  4. Tee shirt dresses that say OREGON on them with the bottom part cut into fringe
  5. Mullet skirts
  6. White jeggings
  7. Ugly ass statement necklaces
    Making the transition to MILF all too visible
  8. Shorts with the pockets stickin out the bottom
    For festival season 🌚
  9. Cut out shoulder tops
    It doesn't make any sense :(
  10. Brandy Melville crop tops with the phases of the moon or nine daisies
  11. Riding boots and mini skirts
    Actually I kind of like this one power to you
  12. Generic baseball caps
    It's not sunny and you have nice hair ...so why?
    Suggested by @merida