The Most Aggravating Things That Happen When Riding a Bike in the Amsterdam City Centre

Amsterdam inhabitants have all been there... And we all try to avoid it. But sometimes you have to deal with the following. In no particular order. #shithappens #amsterdam #bicycle
  1. Pigeons: in front of your bike, making you duck, or even suicidal ones that fly in your wheel.
  2. Pigeon poop - deserving it's own category. Those fuckers shit.
  3. Trucks in the narrow streets of the Jordaan.
  4. Tourists: Do the same as pigeons. Both can be called a investing plague. Especially the ones trying to ride a bike. Or sitting on a 'bierfiets'. Is a compelling topic for lists. Or to be positive, think of a solution.
  5. A flat tire. - it just sucks.
  6. Trucks backing up and cutting you off. - Need I say more.
  7. Scooters on the bike lane - smelly. Noisy and enoying drivers.
  8. The crossing near central station - one epic fail in urban planning. Nobody knows what to do there.