As a TV addict I always need fresh shows when my usual faves are on hiatus. Here's what I have just started watching.
  1. Mozart in The Jungle
    Not about the Amazon, though an Amazon Prime show. It's about the drama behind the New York Symphony Orchestra. Started watching it after won (or bought) a few Golden Globes this year. Nice ensemble. Good sense of humour. Season one has a Sorkinesque inspiring feel. Second season is not as dark as the first.
  2. Unreal - Lifetime
    A scripted show that is behind the scenes of a not as scripted Bachelor-like reality show. Thoughtful and fun. Has some super cheesy lifetime moments but also has strong scenes and narratives about the business of entertainment.
  3. Chelsea Does
    Four long episodes each on one topic. I only really enjoyed the one on marriage and Silicon Valley. The other two were on drugs and race and we not really how I see the world. I love Chelsea's humour in everyday situations. She explains herself well while also not explaining too much. The format is really unique and almost feels like an indie movie. Each episode starts with a dinner party which acts as something of guiding narrative to the topic.
  4. The Americans
    KGB spy couple in American have to keep their relationship and covers together. Their daughter goes al Jesusy and makes it difficult. A dark drama with sex and political tinge. Makes you think about nationalism and life and love.