These are the spots I like to run the most. A typical distance for me is 3.5 miles but I like some of these locations for the weekend due to their long distance. What makes running fun for me is exploring new places! I hope to find more locations to run in this next year.
  1. Ocean Beach trail
    When it's not too windy I love running here. The view is great and there are little hills that don't kill you but give a good challenge. Plus the distance from Cliff House to Sloat and back is a decent 4 miler.
  2. Lake Merced
    I like the variation on this trail. There are hills and different views and some good people watching. Another good 4 miler.
  3. Golden Gate Park: Polo Field Track
    I don't run this often but do when I want to really run a consistent long distance. One go-around is about 3/4 of a mile so it's fun to watch the distance go by. Also some good people watching. Completed my first 7 miler here.
  4. Golden Gate Park: JFK
    Love running up from the windmill to Conservatory of Flowers and back. There's so much to see and great people watching. On Sunday's most of the roads are closed to cars so you can go almost anywhere. Fun to see swing dancers, roller skaters, and families riding bikes. Typically run 6 miles on this one.
  5. Crissy Field
    This location can be tough on weekends because you're dodging the tourists most of the time. But you can't beat the view. Sometimes it's a bit windy but it's also flat the whole way so I get a good groove on this one.
  6. Lands End Trail
    I love running this one because you feel like you're on a trail in the country. Great views of the ocean and some challenging areas. The stairs are nice for conditioning. I like running right before dusk because there aren't too many people clogging up the small path.
  7. Embarcadero
    This one's tricky because it can be miserable when there are lots of people. Try to hit it either early or later in the day. There are no stop lights which is nice, lots of people watching and more great views. Although I wish this one were longer, unless you extend this run to Fort Mason you're looking at 1-2 miles.
  8. Sunset Boulevard trail
    I run this one during the week. It's close to my house and I love how you can chose how far you want to run with it. A full run from Sloat to Golden Gate Park and back is a good 5 miles, which is fun. There are some hills but nothing too awful, just a nice challenge. A good soothing weekday running spot.
  9. SF State Track
    Another solid track. Not really a track runner but it's nice if you want to work on speed and endurance. Each lap is .25/mile. Sometimes the track team is practicing here which can help make me push myself harder, trying to keep up with the kids! ;)