Things that give me moderate to severe anxiety.
  1. The 2016 election
    Better known as "Clowntown fuck-the-world shitshow 2016"
  2. Academy
    I think it's something about the smell or the athletic, outdoorsy people
  3. Stray animals
    Where do they go when it rains?
  4. Buying tampons
    Or condoms. I know that no one cares but THE JUDGEMENT.
  5. White clothes
    There are so many things that could go wrong
  6. Salespeople
    I didn't want to interact today, I'll timidly ask you for help if I need it, thank you though.
  7. Bras
    I'm so awkward when I get fitted for a bra. It's basically hugging a stranger so they can tell you what kind of underwear to wear.