1. Pancakes
    They're fine, I guess. I prefer waffles. I'll eat them if they're there though.
  2. Avocados
    They taste like green oily nothing and have so many calories. Try to eat if they're on my enchilada plate, but do not pay extra for guac.
  3. Celery
    TASTES LIKE GREEN WATERY NOTHING. Sense a theme? It's good for you, I guess, but who cares? Never put self in position where celery is an option.
  4. Lasagna
    There's too much going on. Also overrated, it's just spaghetti casserole. I won't complain if you feed it to me, I just won't go back for seconds.
  5. Pork
    I've never eaten pork and thought "wow, this is really great!" Ham is okay, bacon is fantastic. Not pork. Will eat if it's served to me, would never pick it at a restaurant.
  6. Pie crust
    It's a waste of calories. Unless it's REALLY good, that's a rarity though. May eat if trying to be polite, otherwise I let my dog eat it.
  7. Venison 😪😪😪
    It tastes like outdoor animal and it's straight up nasty. Will never eat.