Kid stuff I missed out on

Blame the parents
  1. The juice with the cartoon heads
    I used to think they were filled with magic sugar water but it turns out it's just apple juice so I'm not that devastated.
  2. Lucky charms
    Actually, I couldn't drink milk so I never really had cereal of any kind. I recently tried these, and again, not devastated.
  3. Video games
    I guess I just never caught on? Never have I owned a gaming console and the closest thing I had was a tamagotchi, so not totally deprived.
  4. Sunny D
    My friends always had this but it was never found in my house. I love it, it's delicious, but I guess I never thought to ask for it.
  5. Sports
    I wish I had been involved in something but my parents didn't want to force anything on me and we were all lazy. Also, being an only child, there's no one to consistently play with.
  6. Creepy gum ball eyed popsicles
    Because they looked like this.