Get them away from me
  1. Everything about the Apple Store
    (Autocorrect capitalized that for me, but I wouldn't have given it that courtesy) More than the Apple Store, the people that I know that work there. Yeah, I know you make more money than me and you can afford to do cool stuff all the time. Yeah, I get that you have the Apple Watch and that makes you 500% better than me for whatever reason. I just don't care and I don't like you anymore and the place where you work smells like an Orange Leaf bathroom. Okay, too deep, sorry.
  2. Banks
    I don't need your sass, ma'am. I'm keeping my money under a mattress, thanks.
  3. Racists
    Find something better to hate.
  4. Being in a long distance relationship
    We get it, you live in a different time zone. But you smell good and you have a GREAT butt. That's so frustrating.
  5. The CW
    Hire real actors, not just hot people you find at the Apple Store.
  6. People that I know having casual sex with each other and telling me about it in GREAT detail together
  7. Stoners
    Get a new hobby. Your current one is giving your ball python lung cancer.
  8. Walking
    Not in general. Walking trails are cool, but walking down the street with my dog is stressful. I don't need people seeing me like that. And I certainly don't need people texting me and my mom saying they saw me walking. Ew
  9. Misogyny
  10. Mosquitos
    I don't care about ZIKV, I just hate being itchy.