Open to Suggestions
  1. Rohto V Eye Drops
    The brief sensation of your eyes as frozen grapes. There's 3 levels - the coldest 'Arctic' is my eye-deal, but they're a bit tough to find in stores. Right now I have the second level 'Ice' but it's never the same after Arctic. They don't sting, they just make your eyeballs really, really cold. It's refreshing! There's more kinds now? But I haven't seen or tried them.
  2. Mentholatum
    My parents used this for everything when I was a kid: cuts, pimples, bug bites, rashes, potential external infections, bruises, etc. It's still my go-to for most of these things, though I'm not sure if it works because it works or if it works because I believe in it. In high school a random girl said she always used it for her lips. I tried it and it actually does a little plumping, and has a nice glossy finish - but you can't lick your lips. Good for a natural look.
  3. Salonpas
    This is what my grandpa smelled like. When I use it people say I also smell like an old Asian man... The joke's on them though because it feels amazing. It's like icy hot but old school. I slap it on all my muscle aches. I admit, this might be purely preferential.
  4. Pocky
    Classic is great. All the new varieties are great. Consistently great.
  5. Japanese candies
    Fruit gummies that taste like real fruit, milk candies (hard and soft), strawberry chocolate chips, gummies coated in a soft chocolate shell, hard candies, flavored sugar that just looks adorable, etc. - everything with the cartoon girl with pigtails is legit. The feels are the same down the Japanese candy aisle as a child and an adult.
  6. Nail clippers?
    According to my tour guide in Japan that's a product the Japanese are known for? I got some and I like them. Same warning as my tour guide offered: make sure they're made in Japan.