1. Must consider being an Airbnb host and house swapping.
    They stayed with people they hosted in the Czech Republic and France, and their friend is staying with a person they hosted in Brazil next week! Most of the people that have stayed with them are young professionals. They also stayed in Spain for free for 3 months by swapping homes.
  2. Google translate acting like a live translator???
    My friend spoke into his phone and passed on the translated text to the person he was conversing with. Then the person would do the same!
  3. Must celebrate New Year's in Scotland with locals.
    It's like New Year's combined with Thanksgiving and a really big deal. They had giant wax paper torches the size of swords lit on fire and walked through the streets with the town. Then were invited by a random person they were talking to at a cafe (that had studied abroad in the US) for dinner, and there just so happened to be a group of people their age all from various countries.
  4. Must go to Valencia to experience fireworks for noise and go to a major party that happens from midnight to 8am.
    The Spanish value partying and food above all things. Valencia is known for these fireworks that go off at 2pm everyday for two weeks. It's about the physical experience and the sound versus the visual and creates a huge adrenaline rush. They said they would fly to Valencia just for this experience. There are also 4 major parties every year and the streets are empty at 6-7pm because everyone is pre-napping to prepare for the party.
  5. Must visit Zion National Park and go on Angel's Hike and The Narrows.
    Incredibly beautiful. Angel's Hike has a narrow path with a chain you hold onto while you walk across the cliff. The other hike has shallow water and you walk down another narrow path with walls of mountain (or rock) on both sides.
  6. Be welcoming to strangers.
    Karma 👌