1. Sit-ups during commercial breaks only
  2. Living vicariously through social media
  3. Lavender oil mixed with night cream
  4. Taco Thursdays
  5. The concept of pacing versus sprinting and how I want to apply this to my life
  6. Being content
  7. Not being special, unique, noticed, or on fleek
  8. Letting go of desires
  9. Letting myself love and be loved and not being afraid of it or thinking of it as a weakness
  10. Not being angry or angsty for no reason
  11. Accepting who I am, where I am, what I haven't accomplished
  12. Redefining success as cultivating relationships first and foremost
  13. Not caring about being cliché or basic
  14. Indulging in puppy videos, French fries, and naps