Screenshots I Have On My Phone

Just some Radom shit I screened shot
  1. My son facetiming with his uncle(right) and cousin(left)
  2. Watching Sons of Anarchy
    Shazaming some song on it
  3. Watching Son of Anarchy
    Getting the name some chick Viagra medicine for my a old friend
  4. shopping
    Helping my niece choose a jacket for her boyfriend
  5. Shopping 2
    Helping my niece choose a jacket for her boyfriend, but got distracted
  6. Bookmark
    Screenshot were I left off in a debate page
  7. Loosing my lunch
    Watching how Trever Noah compares Ted Cruz to a blob fish.... Poor fish. Thanks daily show for the good laugh
  8. Window shopping
    Browsing the online pharmacies.
  9. Window shopping 2
    Browsing online pharmacies… In the Bay
  10. Batman shopping
    Getting some ideas
  11. Everyone needs love lol
    Just trying to find love.... In all the wrong places lol