1. I read my friends' psychology textbooks for fun.
  2. Sometimes I enjoy playing acoustic Nirvana songs hoping I am not ruining them.
  3. I can only take paper towels in increments of three.
  4. I am either extremely OCD or couldn't care less about how something looks.
  5. I buy books on physics and enjoy every minute of them.
  6. Thomas Sowell is my comfort read.
  7. Hamilton is an obsession of mine.
  8. I alphabetize all the books in my house. (whether or not they are mine)
  9. I moisturize my hands/legs/arms six times a day.
    There's the increments of three again.
  10. Doing math relaxes me.
  11. I get anxiety when I drive.
  12. I once spent three hours reading about different types of lightning and how it is formed.
  13. I think social media is ridiculous, but at the same time, I love using it.
  14. It is physically and mentally impossible for me to read someone's writing (essay, short story, poetry, etc.) without editing and writing suggestions on it.
  15. I workout to show tunes or Eminem. There is no in between.