5 Photos from my phone chosen at random

Don't you judge me...!!!
  1. My baby cousin Reuben (left) and his BFF Nathan, both adoptees from Korea.
  2. My baby cousin, Olivia, having "fainted" at the mention of her beloved's name.
    Her beloved being her favorite author, @bjnovak
  3. A picture of a Monkees poster at the Grove in Anaheim
    I went to pick up my tickets for this show and for comedian Sebastian Maniscalco early in the month.
  4. A picture of bunnies
    Think I got it off Instagram with the intention of sending to my mother later....
  5. This is embarrassing....
    I screen capped this from @mindy 's Instagram to further document that she and I should be BFFs....I have loved Much Ado since I was 8. Partially for Robert Sean Leonard. Mindy and I need a chat about this...