A few examples of how my conceptual game is on point but the execution component is sadly lacking

  1. So we're clear, the photo on the left is the super rad melon "cake" I saw on social media last summer and couldn't wait to emulate. The photo on the right is what happened after I went into my kitchen with some fruit, a dull knife, and too much gumption to admit that I was being owned by my own produce.
  2. Bangs? Easy! Just grab hold out some of the hair from the front of your head and....snip!
  3. This one really doesn't require a caption. Obviously this is an authentic replica of Neptune's trident that I made to help my son with a school project.
  4. I am a a spiritual person. I believe in the energy of rocks and minerals. ☪🕉 I spent an evening choosing stones and stringing them onto a necklace and felt really good about my creation. Until I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized I was wearing a penis around my neck.