1. Hang out with you at midnight or 2am or 4am.
    Sometimes you just need a friend who will take a walk with you at 3am. I want to be that friend. Text me literally any time you need me. I promise it won't bother me. I promise I'll text back in a minute. I'll sleep fine later.
  2. Dogsit.
    Even for free.
  3. Bake.
  4. Try a new food/restaurant/cuisine.
    Seriously. I'm like the least pickiest eater, I have no food allergies or dietary restrictions, and I'm ALWAYS hungry. I should be best friends with Andrew Zimmern.
  5. Smoke a joint.
  6. Go somewhere new/road trip.
    We can split on gas. We'll work it out. I just like to take every opportunity possible to travel no matter what the destination is.
  7. Go to a concert/see live music.
    No matter who's playing or where.
  8. Listen to your favorite song.
  9. Listen to you rant/vent.
    About anything and everything for how ever long you want.
  10. Discuss/debate politics.
    I'll be as nice as possible! Maybe you can teach me a few things? I'm still a very politically confused and politically curious 20-year-old.
  11. Watch a weird movie.
  12. Watch a foreign movie.
  13. Watch a horror movie.
  14. Watch a stupid movie.
    Have you seen Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf?
  15. Watch a sad movie.
    Have you seen The Pianist?
  16. Get coffee and/or breakfast.
  17. Go swimming.
  18. Go to the bookstore/library.
  19. Go grocery shopping with you.
    I don't know why, but I really love grocery shopping? It relaxes me.
  20. Go to a museum. Any museum.
  21. Go to a haunted house.
    But I won't fuck with spirits.
  22. Go camping.
    I've never been! Take me for my first time? I'm always down for s'mores and campfires.
  23. Go to IKEA.
  24. Go for a run.
    However, I suck at running and will probably want to get donuts after.
  25. Accompany you during tough life situations.
    And hold your hand if you need me to do so. No questions asked.