I visited New York City for the first time ever in August right before my 20th birthday. I was there for six days.
  1. Had a panic attack at The Top of the Rock
    New York City can be an extremely stressful, overwhelming environment for people with anxiety and I was not prepared. The tour guides at the Top of the Rock were really nice to me and helped me feel better, though. I'm appreciative of that.
  2. Performed in Yoko Ono's "Bag Piece" at MoMA
    Anyone can perform in it. It is a piece where you completely cover yourself in black fabric and move around as you like for as long as you like. I was invisible in the most visible way.
  3. Played dominoes with locals in Bushwick and talked about gentrification
    My parents are journalists and being the offspring of journalists results in this type of situation. I'm tired of just knowing about gentrification from Slate articles. I wanted to hear about gentrification from people actually living it.
  4. Woke up at 5am so I could be at Dominique Ansel's bakery at 6am to wait in line and be guaranteed a cronut (!!) when doors opened at 8am
    Is it crazy to wait two hours in the early morning for a cronut in 2015? Yeah, kinda. Was it worth it? Yeah, kinda. I guess it turned out to be the most unique breakfast I've ever had in my life. I ate two cronuts and one DKA. I liked the DKA better.
  5. Walked the Brooklyn Bridge at night while listening to PJ Harvey's "Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea"
    New York City was not the kindest to my anxiety disorder, but listening to PJ sing about the city was the one thing that made me relax.
  6. Sat in the studio audience of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore
    Yo, it was dope. Larry talked about gun laws and Planned Parenthood. It's a half-hour show so shooting only takes 20 minutes, but it was dope.
  7. Attempted to ride the train all the way to Far Rockaway and visit Mac DeMarco's house
    Mac DeMarco personally invited fans to his house by giving out his address at the end of a song he released while I was in the city. I thought I could at least try to make it, but... fuck it! Far Rockaway really is far from everything else in NYC.
  8. Wrote in my journal at the garden of the top of the Met.
    And the cookies they sell at the garden of the top of the Met? Not good. Too hard. I mentioned that in my journal.
  9. Saw Matana Roberts, my favorite saxophonist, at the Whitney Museum.
    I miss playing the saxophone. I wanted to cry. I love Matana Roberts. I wanted to cry.
  10. Ate blueberry pierogies and potato pancakes at Veselka at 4am
    Best restaurant service I've ever had anywhere in the world, by the way. Gossip Girl did not mention that.
  11. Farted the biggest fart of my life in the Trump Tower
    For you, Donald.